We Are Coming

The following people are registered and are planning to come to one or both of the reunion weekend events. They are listed in the order that their online registration was received. Spouse or date’s name in parenthesis.

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Delois Tedder (David Hudson) – Both Events

Deborah Smith (Garry Dantzler) – Both Events

Deborah Burkett Cartwright – Friday Luncheon Only

Tommy Stewart (Tealla Stewart) – Both Events

Jerry Purvis (Johnnie Purvis) – Friday Luncheon Only

Bobby Simpson (Beverly Simpson) – Both Events

Chris Purvis (Willonese Purvis) – Friday Luncheon

Jimmy Brock (Brenda Brock) – Both Events

Malinda Showalter Williford (Ben Williford) – Both Events

Ellie Black (Belinda Black) – Both Events

Helen Aldridge – Friday Luncheon Only

Wanda Blackmon Cooper (Bobby Cooper) – Both Events

Peggie Luckie Cook (Mary Ann Norman) – Both Events

Capus (Ike) McCall (Vanessa McCall) – Both Events

Barbara Johns Lloyd (Frank Lloyd) – Friday Luncheon

Janet Ard Walker – Both Events

Sherman and Pat (Davis) Glover – Both Events

Charles Creamer (with date) – Both Events

Donna Glenn Reeves (Grandson Triston Reeves) – Both Events

James Milstead – Both Events

Karen Holland (with Dianne Simpson) – Both Events

Earlean Smiley (guests Jannie White and James F. Hartley) – Both Events

Evonne Lee Cunningham (Bruce Cunningham) – Friday Luncheon

Charlene Gandy (Willie Edwards) – Friday Luncheon

Annette Marshall (and Daughter) – Friday Luncheon

Susan Sparks Allison – Friday Luncheon

Hazel Thomas Brantley – Friday Luncheon

Sandy Godwin Collier (Neal Collier) – Both Events